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Simone Smithmath tutor near me
Read about my journey and tutoring philosophy right below


Math tutor near me: What is an online math tutor?

An online math tutor is a qualified and certified math teacher who uses a digital teaching method. By definition, and by being online I am your "math tutor near me". This method uses the internet, computer, or tablet computer, along with other technology. Therefore, physical location becomes unimportant.
The online math tutor, as the name suggests, meets with the student face to face online instead of in person. The math tutor utilizes extra tools such as whiteboards, emails, videos, as well as sound to communicate. As an experienced traditional face-to-face math tutor, I know that ensuring that your child gets a quality education is essential for their future.
The coronavirus pandemic ended all in-person instruction. But my students still needed me. Therefore, I had to become an online math tutor very fast. That is how the math tutor near me was transformed from physical to online. I started doing virtual tutoring literally overnight.

Math tutor near me: Will a math tutor online really work?

Online tutoring can be done by making use of a number of different technologies, including one or more of the following: video call (FaceTime, Skype, Facebook messenger video, Zoom meeting), online chat (text chatting, such as cell phone or Facebook messenger), email, online whiteboard applications, and Google Docs.
From my math tutor near me perspective, the student and tutor need to have a personal relationship and bonding. I think the only way that is possible is by seeing each other's faces. After the bond is set, certainly a telephone can be used for one-off questions. But for an entire 1-hour tutoring session, video is essential. That is why I use a Zoom meeting with the whiteboard functionality.
The other day, I saw a message shared by a friend on social media asking, "Who led the change of your business?" The options: you or COVID-19. The catastrophe that is coronavirus is driving technology faster than any kind of vibrant business owner could. That is what got me online to be your math tutor near me. It actually works for high-school students very well as they are all tech-savvy. Education and learning is no exception.
In general, institutions are putting moms and dads in a very uneasy situation: while stuck at home, you're now also expected to manage your children's added anxiety of huge amounts of homework but little to no guidance on how to do it. The personal connection between an online math tutor and your child, the student, is very effective and stress-reducing for the entire family.

Math tutor near me: Is online tutoring effective?

In brief yes, really. Think about it such as this. If you are eager to agree that innovation typically improves your life, then you must be able to agree that it also boosts education and its results. I have actually discovered that high school students are a lot more approving of getting the help they need online, instead of coming to see the math tutor near me in person.
This approval reduces any social pressures a wide range of students may be feeling. They no longer feel there is a stigma in getting math help from me. It makes online math tutoring a highly reliable and compelling model. It also hastens the personal connection between me and your child, which is so important to both my teaching and their learning.
Based on my many years of math tutoring for high-school students, being the person tutoring the students, I can confidently say that all enjoy it. Some have actually told me that whenever it is that we can get to the "new normal", they would certainly prefer continuing their personal connection to me with online math tutoring with me rather than returning to in person. That has actually led me to the conclusion that I should from right here on in, just offer online tutoring.
My math tutor near me format is hassle-free for the student. The academic end results stay specifically the exact same. There is no decrease in understanding or grades when I tutor the same person online instead of previously in person. You can learn just as well with me helping you via a computer screen, talking and writing as you can sitting beside or across from me, chatting and writing. There is no lesser personal connection between us.
The majority of my students are used to collaborating with interactive whiteboards and web conferencing software. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, if a student does not feel well, they must stay at home. All schools have the ability for the student to join the classroom virtually. This also makes them comfortable with an online school environment. Online math tutoring is no different. If anything, it is more personalized because it is just one on one learning. I have found that my math tutor near me style blends well with the modern student's expectations and comfort level.
So for all these reasons, I believe online tutoring effectiveness is a given.

Math tutor near me: Online reduces the student's stress level

Students attending in-person schools have experienced changes in their routines and day. Things like masks, social distancing and constraints on participating in school activities are the norm. If I still did face-to-face tutoring, I would have to implement all sorts of protocols that would only serve to increase the student's stress level.
This way, by being in their own home, there is no need for any special protocols. The students have enough stress in trying to learn math. They definitely do not need more stress in their lives. Being the math tutor near me, I have found that a student's stress level these days is reduced with online tutoring. They just open up their computer or tablet and away we go!
After tutoring students both in-person and remotely, I have several tips for students and their parents to ensure that the students get the most out of my math tutor near me online math tutoring sessions.
● Establishing a routine. For in-person teaching, this is easier because of the nature of having to physically be somewhere. For my virtual tutoring, they should stick to their normal daily routine while making room for the tutoring appointment.● Always attempt your schoolwork first and keep up with the class. The idea is to not procrastinate so the student can feel good about trying. They will be able to immediately let me know what they are having trouble with. There is no point wasting precious tutoring time because the student feels they don't know anything, when they may actually know quite a bit.● Parents, the student and I all need to have good communication with each other. Much more communication is better so everyone can be on the very same page when it involves expectations, your child and their progress. This has always been the case. Virtual tutoring does not change that. Good communication also strengthens our personal connection to each other.

Math tutor near me: The times they have always been a changin

Pardon me for paraphrasing Bob Dylan. But if we think about it, online tutoring is just a normal extension to meet the needs of our ever-changing society.
Modern technology has changed the experience of education permanently. Conventional schooling started with a one-room schoolhouse. We made a couple of modifications right here and also there over the next century or so. The one-room schoolhouse broadened right into a multi-room school. Youngsters were broken up into separate classes by grade. More teachers were employed rather than just one dealing with all the students.
However, aside from that, the teaching methodology stayed pretty well the same. The teacher stood at the front of the class to make use of the chalkboard (maybe later switched to the whiteboard), proceeded to educate mainly out of textbooks, talked the course as they made notes, and also there was always some kind of homework to do after school.
The innovation of computers, the internet, and many various other digital devices thankfully changed the way we taught and prepared pupils for 21st-century education and learning. Printed books are being replaced by associated searches online and even digitalized textbooks obtainable anywhere there is internet access.
Computers are allowing each student a 1:1 (one computer for each one student) education and learning facilitated via making use of modern technology. Some courses are being held entirely online, or as a blend of in-person classroom and also online work. High-school students have adapted well to online learning as they are all very tech-savvy. Education and learning are a changin.
Simply like with the general school procedures, technology has changed the method of students who need extra help use to be tutored. Certainly, tutoring can still be completed face-to-face in a safe space. But as the math tutor near me, I have found that students, and their parents, are nervous about in-person encounters right now. So given there is the ability for me to tutor students completely online, I have taken the bull by the horns and have embraced it along with my students.
There are various advantages to online tutoring that can really eclipse the experience of sitting in the same room tutoring. One of the main advantages is the students now have access to the best tutors worldwide. Location is no more an issue. Students are not stuck with having in some cases a second-rate tutor just because they live on the next street. The tutor could literally be countless miles away, even in a foreign land. They now in your home, being online. That is why I called myself the math tutor near me. It doesn't matter where you are and math is math!

Math tutor near me: Get the help your child needs now

So there you have it. That is how I became somewhat overnight the math tutor near me. There is no need for your child to have to struggle. Math is about understanding the proper rules and methodology. Then it is the repetition of many problems until the student can go through the steps in their sleep.
My personalized tutoring methods have helped hundreds of high-school students. Not many of them wanted to become mathematicians. But they all had one thing in common. They wanted to get the best grades possible. That is what I help students do and I know I can help your student too.
Call me, the math tutor near me, now at 416.356.6646 for a free consultation. We can talk about your child's needs. The sooner you call, the sooner I can help them get good grades in math. I look forward to helping you and your child.

About Me

I am passionate about teaching mathematics. I believe it is important for students to be able to improve their conceptualizing and critical thinking.
I started being a math tutor at a very young age. When I was 12 years old I began helping my school friends who needed math help. I continued doing it throughout high school.
I obtained my first undergraduate degree in mathematics. I then received my Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. I became a high school math teacher for many years for the North York Board of Education. When I left full-time teaching, I opened up my face-to-face tutoring business.
All this experience has given me 50+ years of math teaching experience. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I was forced to morph my math tutoring to online only as my students still needed me. That is why now, regardless of where you live, I am your "math tutor near me".

What I Do


Private Tutoring

Understanding math could be challenging for many. As your "math tutor near me", I can help make it easier for you. Teaching is my calling, and I'm skilled in finding a personal approach to my students.
I am passionate about teaching mathematics. I believe it is important for students to be able to improve their conceptualizing and critical thinking.

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Teaching through Values

Education is my chosen career path, and I believe it’s a great privilege. As your "math tutor near me", I feel so grateful for the ability to work with students and to teach the next generation of thought and practice leaders. I also work with teachers, helping them build new education strategies. In doing so, I know that my work will have an impact on so many university students, even the ones I don’t personally teach them.
I believe in personalized learning. I also think there are no dull subjects. Therefore, I do my best to make the learning process interesting for everyone, to encourage exploration and research, and to teach students to apply this knowledge not only in college but also in business and everyday life.

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